Rent a VPS for Android emulator with your favorite cryptocurrency to develop, work, and play in the cloud.

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What is an Android emulator?

Android emulators for Windows VPSs let you quickly access Android applications and games in the cloud, regardless of your device or location. After launching a BitLaunch server and installing an emulator, you're able to:

Test and develop
Run multiple Android instances in tandem to aid your application development or testing.

Work in the cloud
Use critical, Android-exclusive applications on your cloud desktop. Switch seamlessly between Windows and Android to maintain productivity.

Play in the cloud
Play Android games using our powerful hardware. Use a keyboard and mouse on supported shooters for higher precision and a competitive advantage.

Host apps
Choose from BitLaunch servers in seven regions to deliver a low-latency experience to users of your hosted apps.

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Pay hourly

You rarely need an Android emulator 24/365. That's why, with BitLaunch, you pay for each hour of usage. Top up your balance with the maximum amount you're willing to spend and we'll tell you how it will last. The second you delete your server, your balance stops ticking down. There are no tricks, hidden fees, or unexpected invoices.

Start quick, scale freely

Never worry about running out of horsepower. Upgrade your server with a few button presses in your control panel and access up to 64 GB RAM and 10 CPUs.

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Worldwide servers

BitLaunch offers servers across 27 global data center locations. Launch an Android emulator VPS in the US, Romania, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and beyond. All powered by modern hardware and NVMe SSDs.

Expert support

Our live chat connects you with real humans who know what they're talking about. Whether you need help configuring your server or choosing a suitable size, they're ready to help around-the-clock.


Our Developer API lets you programmatically create, manage, and pay for VPS servers. We also provide a simple Command-line Tool to get you started. Check out our GitHub.

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