No Android phone? No problem. Use nested virtualization to emulate Android in the cloud. Pay with crypto for enhanced payment privacy.

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Why buy a Bluestacks VPS?

Our Bluestacks VPS servers let you quickly access Android applications and games regardless of your device or location. Our high-speed VPS servers enable you to:

Test and develop
Run multiple Android instances in tandem to aid your application development or testing.

Work in the cloud
Use critical, Android-exclusive applications on your cloud desktop. Switch seamlessly between Windows and Android to maintain productivity.

Play in the cloud
Play Android games using our powerful hardware. Use a keyboard and mouse on supported shooters for higher precision and a competitive advantage.

Host apps
Choose from BitLaunch servers in seven regions to deliver a low-latency experience to users of your hosted apps.

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Pay hourly

Fixed monthly or yearly commitments can make VPS servers hard to justify. That's why, with BitLaunch, you pay for each hour of server usage. You top up your balance with an amount you're willing to spend, and we give you clear stats on how long it will last. The second you delete your server, we stop charging. There are no tricks or hidden fees.

Start quick, scale freely

We don't keep you waiting. BitLaunch VPS servers are live within minutes and let you add your own launch scripts for automatic configuration. Need more horsepower? You can upgrade as many times as you like via our control panel.

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Expert support

Our live chat connects you with real humans who know what they're talking about. Whether you need help configuring your server or choosing a suitable size, they're ready to help around-the-clock.


Our Developer API lets you programmatically create, manage, and pay for VPS servers. We also provide a simple Command-line Tool to get you started. Check out our GitHub.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Bluestacks?
  • Bluestacks in an Android emulator. It allows you to run Android on a PC and interact with it similarly to a real phone. This can be useful if you want to simulate multiple phones, are developing applications, want to play games on a larger screen, or just want to use apps without needing to switch devices.

  • What is Bluestacks X?
  • Bluestacks X is the latest version of Bluestacks, also known as Bluestacks 10. It notably includes the ability to choose between cloud and local gaming for the best experience.

  • Does BitLaunch allow rooted Bluestacks?
  • Yes. Your Bluestacks install is yours to do with as you wish -- as long as you adhere to our acceptable use policy. However, you should be aware that rooting is not officially supported by Bluestacks, and you do so at your own risk.

  • Can I use Bluestacks on Ubuntu or Xbuntu servers?
  • It's possible to run Bluestacks on Ubuntu or Xbuntu using Wine or Lutris, which are Windows compatibility layers for Linux. However, this is unlikely to be as stable or performant as running it on the hardware it is intended for. We reccomend using an Android emulator designed for Linux instead, such as Waydroid.

  • Why do I need virtualization for Bluestacks?
  • Virtualization features allow your CPU to act like a phone and a PC at the same time while sharing common resources. While you can run Bluestacks without virtualization enabled, it can only use 1 CPU core, which often leads to poor performance.
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