Buy Chicago VPS with Bitcoin. Hourly billing.

Simple, fast, and secure Intel Gold-powered cloud servers from BitLaunch. Launch instantly and pay hourly with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum.

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Serving the US and Canada

Our Chicago datacenter is well-positioned to service users on the east cost of the US as well as many users in Quebec and Ontario. As well as access to our suite of one-click apps, you gain access to features like free DDoS protection, DNS services, and PTR records.

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One-Click Privacy

Instant automatic setup - Choose from one of our one-click apps for privacy including OpenVPN, WireGuard, Shadowsocks R, as well as LAMP/LEMP, WordPress and many more.

Advanced DDoS Protection

BitLaunch provides industry leading, high capacity DDoS Attack protection Included with all BitLaunch servers.

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Linux and Windows

We offer a huge range of Operating Systems from Linux to Windows Desktop and Server. Launch anything from the latest Ubuntu to a Bitcoin Windows RDP.

Why Buy VPS Hosting with Bitcoin?
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