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BitLaunch provides ~5tbps, ~1bn PPS DDoS protection on all of our servers, for free. We understand that keeping your service running uninterrupted is your number one priority. It's ours too.

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What is a DDoS Attack?

During a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, attackers flood a server with specific packets from many devices in effort to overwhels your infrastructures resources. This causes your server to crash or slow down to an unusable state.

For businesses, these periods of extended downtime can result in significal loss of revenue and reputation damange. Because DDoS attacks are so easy to perform or purchase, it's not just corporations who need to worry. Regular users can also be targeted – to censor, silence, or simply disrupt. Whether it's an angry user from your game server or a rival blogger, you're at risk. There's also financial incentive – we're seeing a rise in so-called Ransom DDoS attacks, where an attacker demands payment before they'll release infrastructure from a DDoS attack.

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Industry Leading Stateful DDoS Mitigation

BitLaunch's DDoS protected VPS hosting uses industry-standard AI-powered mitigation services to protect against any type of DDoS attack. Here a few of the most common attacks our service can mitigate:






Layer 7 application filters make the technology ideal for game server DDoS protection, as well as applications like OpenVPN.

Battle-tested DDoS VPS Services

DDoS protection claims are a dime a dozen, so we don't want to just throw numbers around. Below you can see evidence of a major attack thwarted by our DDoS protection service. This attacker's distributed network of bots hit with a peak of over 887 gbits of traffic. The traffic was successfully blocked with none of the malicious traffic reaching the customer server, preventing major downtime or slowdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why do I need a DDoS protected VPS?
DDoS attacks can be purchased with ease by anyone with rudimentary technical knowledge. This has created an environment where anybody with a grudge can take down a service without the proper protection. Further, DDoS attacks can be used as a precursor to more sophisticated attacks, distracting while the attacker exfiltrates valuable information.

What is your DDoS protection capacity?
We protect users against up to ~5 terabits per second and ~1 billion packets per second. This allows us to provide some of the best DDoS protected VPS servers on the market.

Do you provide fivem/ARK/DayZ/Rust/Minecraft DDoS protection?
Yes. Layer 7 application filters and advanced AI-based filtering allows us to detect and mitigate a range of attacks against servers.

Why is game server DDoS protection important?
If you're planning to host a game server, we strongly recommend using BitLaunch's first-party servers for game DDoS protection. As a game server host, your IP address is easily visible and shared often. This makes it trivial for an angry player to pay for or perform a DDoS attack on your service. As game servers require low latency, even minor disruptions to your server's resources can lead to a frustrating experience for players.

How does the DDoS protection work?
Advanced detection AI ensures that only clean traffic reaches your server. In most cases, a DDoS attack can be mitigated by detecting the traffic that is not legitimate and blocking it. In the case of more sophisticated DDoS attacks, a combination of a sophisticated stateful analysis and a 5tbps global network is used to filter out attacks. This is combined with application filters, which prevent traffic that doesn't interest the application and stops traffic that doesn't make sense for it to receive.

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