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Manage everything about your account, servers and much more from our brand new API. The BitLaunch API allows you to programmatically control our products and services. Alongside this, we're excited to also debut a new command line tool to help users automate tasks on our platform.

Automate everything

The API makes it easy for developers to manage servers, generate new transactions, add SSH keys and retrieve their account information.  

Programmable Money

Our API exposes the option to create account transactions with your specific amount of USD and cryptocurrency choice. This powerful feature allows you to completely automate payments, including the ability to program Bitcoin payments using the Lightning Network

Build the tools you want, or use ours

Create your own set of tools to help achieve your perfect vision of using BitLaunch. Build scripts to handle scaling your servers, automate transaction creation and much more.

If you don't want to script your own tools, we have provided a CLI tool to get you jumpstarted with interacting with our API. We also have a Golang SDK which will allow you to easily integrate our API into your own applications. We welcome any contributions to our open source tools.

We're here to guide you.

We have a comprehensive guide to using our API which can be found at our brand new developer portal We will be updating this with further guides and are super excited to present this to you.

BitLaunch developer hub

We hope that this gives developers the tools required to build some awesome integrations with our infrastructure. As always, you can reach out to us at our support channel if you have any questions.