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Pay hourly, with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

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Super fast anonymous VPS

We only use SSD drives and KVM technology. Launch anonymous bitcoin VPS servers on Windows or Linux with instant setup and pay hourly.

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Bitcoin VPS

Cryptocurrency removes borders and allows you to buy a Bitcoin VPS from anywhere in the world with no restrictions. BitLaunch's in-house payment system eliminates middle-men and fees while enabling zero confirmation payments. With high privacy and quick transactions, it's a perfect choice for your Wireguard VPN or any privacy related project.

Keep your privacy

We ask for just an email and password when you sign up and don't run trackers or store cookies across our site. Further, you can completely destroy your VPS and account data at any point to have it with permanently removed.

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One-click privacy apps

Our one-click privacy apps let you quickly install WireGuard, OpenVPN, and ShadowSocks R on your VPS without the need to worry about config files or pre-requisites. Alternatively, install WordPress or LAMP/LEMP without running a single command.

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Why Buy VPS Hosting with Bitcoin?
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