At BitLaunch we provide anonymous VPS services from reliable hosts such as DigitalOcean, Vultr and Linode and accept cryptocurrency as payment.

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Decentralized payments

When systems are centralized it means that they are controlled and operated by a single entity, whether that be a company, government, or individual actor. Decentralized technology is a system whereby no single entity has total control, even to destroy the system. It is run by a network of participants that operate on the basis of mutual consent. With BitLaunch, you pay with cryptocurrency - a decentralized system for payments. We support 10+ cryptocurrencies and regularly add payment options.

The benefits of a decentralized payment system when funding a VPS are:

  1. Users don’t have to rely on traditional payment methods which can fail for reasons outside of your control. As traditional payment systems are centralized, they represent a single point of failure.
  2. Similarly to the above point, no central entity (a bank) can decide to stop or decline your payment, which could jeopardize your server uptime.
  3. Decentralized payment systems allow for access to services for users in countries such as India and indonesia where traditional payment systems are unavailable or unusable with the VPS services we provide.

The most secure way to run a VPN (or any privacy conscious service)

Why a VPN?

A VPN is a necessary tool on today’s internet. A VPN encrypts your connection so that your data is safe from eavesdroppers. But only if you’re self hosting!

They are also useful as a tool, for example, for affiliate marketers and in digital/performance marketing. An anonymous VPN can allow you to appear from any geographic location you choose, by masking your real IP address. This means you can change your geo in order to see ads and landing pages from different countries.

A VPN can help you bypass restrictions imposed by your government, ISP or local network administrator. Since your traffic is encrypted, your traffic cannot be monitored or restricted or shaped. To learn how to set up a truly anonymous VPN with BitLaunch, check out our article on How to Set up an Anonymous VPN using Algo and Bitcoin

Why a Self-Hosted VPN?

Now, all of the above is great news for someone looking to protect their privacy online, or an affiliate marketer looking to use a VPN as an ad spy tool, but are all VPNs equal? The answer is no!

When using a paid VPN service (as opposed to setting up your own self-hosted VPN), your privacy is only as secure as your provider. Since they set up the VPN software on your behalf:

  1. They could snoop on your data
  2. They may not have logs disabled
  3. They may have added a backdoor for authorities

Setting up your own self-hosted VPN helps you mitigate these potential pitfalls.

Of course, there is a benefit in that buying a service vs. setting one up yourself comes with some convenience, but we’re eliminated that with our easy-to-follow guide: How to Set up an Anonymous VPN using Algo and Bitcoin

Support a better and more open internet

We believe internet should be open and free, devoid of interference by any single government or authority whose views are not in line with the general consensus, and open to everyone. BitLaunch was created out of that belief. If you agree, you could even contribute to cryptocurrency economy by running a bitcoin full node

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