Get a VPS in the USA. Pay with Bitcoin. Keep your privacy.

Instantly launch a VPS on the East or West coast and pay hourly with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. Set up WordPress, LAMP, WireGuard, or Shadowsocks R with a single click.

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Privacy first

Privacy is at the core of BitLaunch's service. By accepting payments exclusively in cryptocurrency we are able to utilize instant provisioning without invasive checks or reliance on third parties. We collect only the data we need in order to run our service. Sign up with just an email address. Want to know more? See how we view privacy.

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Windows or Linux

Choose freely between a Linux or Windows RDP USA VPS – or launch both if you so wish. All of our first-party servers use SSD drives and KVM technology to ensure strong performance at a reasonable price. Need even more juice? Launch a VPS with up to 128 GB RAM from Digital Ocean, Vultr, or Linode while maintaining payment privacy.

Expert Support

Our support agents are available 24/7 to help you with your VPS server and account or field any questions about the service. And they won't just read from a script, either. Our experts are equipped to aid with a range of problems and tailor their support to your needs.

Free DDoS Protection

We don't think you should have to pay extra to keep your server up and running. That's why every first-party BitLaunch server is protected by industry-leading, high-capacity DDoS protection at no extra cost. Whether you're hosting a game server or running a outspoken blog, we want to make sure malicious parties can't interrupt your service.

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Developer ready

Our servers are suitable for both regular users and development purposes. You can tap into the BitLaunch developer API to programmatically pay for, create, and manage servers for your project. Our command-line tool additionally makes interacting with your server a breeze.

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Why Buy VPS Hosting with Bitcoin?
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