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Install WordPress with a single when launching your VPS server. Install the LEMP app for easier manual setup, or use our proxy and VPS apps for increased privacy.

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No restrictive monthly billing or prices that push you into a yearly contract. You pay only for what you use, at the same rate as everyone else.

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Free, advanced DDoS Protection

BitLaunch uses industry leading, stateful, high capacity DDoS protection on all of its first party servers. Stay live in the fact of DNS Flood, SMURF, ICMP, and all other attacks.

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Manage your servers and DNS settings across various hosts from a central BitLaunch control panel. Top up your balance privately with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum using our in-house payment system

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We don't hire support agents that just read from a script. Our around-the-clock live chat is manned by experts in their field who have the knowledge to aid you with whatever you need. Not feeling social? Check out our extensive guidance on WordPress setup and security.

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Why use VPS hosting for WordPress?

There are three main choices for WordPress hosting: shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting grants you very little visibility over your server and requires you to share resources with other customers. This can lead to slowdowns at peak times and all sorts of other issues.

Both VPS hosting and dedicated hosting grant customers their own resources, but they use different mechanisms to do so. Dedicated hosting goes the very expensive route of giving a customer an entire server to themselves. VPS hosting, meanwhile, uses virtual machines (in BitLaunch's case KVMs ) to divide a single server into multiple ones with their own resources. This retains many of the advantages of dedicated servers yet costs far less.

Other reasons to use VPS hosting for WordPress over shared hosting include:

  • Full visibility over your server, with the ability to modify it as you wish and personally verify its security and privacy.
  • Dedicated resources typically lead to faster page load and better performance in general
  • VPS hosts are less likely to employ predatory practices such as yearly price hikes, per-domain pricing, necessary add-on services, etc.
  • The server is not as vulnerable to security (and therefore network) issues that may arise from the compromize of other websites on a shared server block.
  • You get to choose your operating system, control panel, and other parts of the web stack

You can read more about the advantages of VPS hosting here: The benefits of VPS hosting.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is WordPress?
  • WordPress is a so-called content management system (CMS). It is essentially a free and open-source backend tool for your server that will allow you to easily set up a website, add content to it, and style it how you wish. The major advantage or WordPress is that it allows non-technical users to add pages or content with no coding knowledge.

  • What are WordPress plugins?
  • WordPress plugins are official or community-developed extensions to the core WordPress experience. They are able to add new functionality to your site (such as e-commerce), extend existing WordPress features, or optimize your pages for faster load times.

  • What is more important: RAM or bandwidth for WordPress?
  • It depends on your use case and how significant the difference is. If you are running a light workload, you may not need much RAM at all. Once you start to integrate e-commerce, LMS systems, and other more intensive services, you may find that 4 GB+ of RAM is needed to allow you to maintain enough concurrent users. However, it does not matter how much RAM you have if you do not have enough bandwidth to deliver content to your visitors quickly. In short, you need both, but which you prioritize will depend on the RAM and bandwidth requirements of your site, which can be difficult to predict. This is why choosing a server with balanced specifications is almost always the best choice.

  • Who owns WordPress?
  • WordPress.com is owned by Automattic, Inc. and runs on a freemium model. WordPress.org, which is utilized for WordPress VPS installs, is owned and controlled by the WordPress Foundation, a non-profit organization created specifically to support the tool's open-source development.

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