At BitLaunch, we're always looking at ways to make our platform more useful and accessible to developers. The latest improvement in that vein is PHPBitLaunch – a PHP client library for accessing the BitLaunch API.

After installation with composer require "bitlaunch/phpbitlaunch", you can use PHPBitLaunch to do anything from showing account details, usage, and history to creating, paying for, and managing your servers. Practically anything you can achieve through your control panel you can do with BitLaunch API instead.

The PHPBitLaunch library builds on a host of other developer-centric tools that BitLaunch has launched over the years, including:

The BitLaunch Python SDK (pybitlaunch)

We hope that these tools help developers to dive into what we think is the future of server management – programmable provisioning with programmable money.