For most tasks, there's rarely a simple answer to which operating system does it better. When it comes to sneaker botting, however, Windows is clearly the king.

The reason is quite simple: there are just more bots available for Microsoft's OS than any other. While there are bots here and there that are available for Mac as well as Windows or have an Android app, there are few that are exclusive to those operating systems. With many botters using two, three, or even more bots, it makes sense to choose the platform that will give you the most choice.

This is especially true because bot performance isn't always steady. If your macOS or Linux bot stops performing well, your options to replace it will be limited. You may have to choose an inferior option, while most of your competition on Windows has the freedom to choose whatever bot they want.

The other factor to consider is server availability, with sneaker bots typically performing much better on high-speed remote servers than on your home PC. While Linux would be the ideal choice as the most popular and lightweight server offering, the number of bots for the OS is small. Windows 10 is easily the second most popular server type, making it the natural choice for sneaker bots.

Run a sneaker bot on BitLaunch Windows 10 Servers

Finding a good, high-performance server for your sneaker bots isn't always easy. Many of the offerings targeting sneaker bots are overpriced. While they claim to be "optimized for sneaker botting", and "specifically chosen to be close to sneaker bot data centers", this is rarely a real selling point.

The vast majority of sneaker bot data centers are located in key infrastructural hubs such as Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Hong Kong. They're there for a reason – these places tend to be the most cost-efficient and provide the best performance. Because of this, the majority of server providers will also have servers available in these locations. The two coincide regardless of whether or not the company targets sneaker botting specifically.

So, what should you really be looking for in a Windows 10 server for sneaker bots? Dedicated, high-performance hardware and a gigabit internet connection, and an hourly payment system.

Many VPS providers charge a high monthly fee for your server based on the assumption that you'll be using it 24/7. With sneaker botting, of course, this is rarely the reality. It's unlikely you'll need a bot running every hour of the day. Instead, it will be in use primarily during key release periods for a limited time.

BitLaunch allows users to pay for only what they use with their favorite cryptocurrency, lowering the costs while providing enhanced privacy. High-performance, gigabit servers in core data center locations increase your chances to cop without cutting into your profits too much.

Want to see if BitLaunch is right for your sneaker botting? Sign up today and talk to our support for some free credit. Test latency to your favorite sites to ensure your server will suit your needs before you make a commitment.