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As part of our ongoing effort to provide our customers with the most complete solution in anonymous VPS hosting, today we're pleased to announce our latest product: BitLaunch Protection.

What is it?

We've teamed up with carefully selected partners to provide a 500gbit+/sec DDoS protected reverse proxy server and firewall that stands in front of your DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode or Packet server at BitLaunch. This free DDoS protection comes at no extra cost to the consumer.

Why Reverse Proxy?

This protected IP can be used in place of your real server IP on public facing services to provide resilience to DDoS attacks, takedown notices and invalid DMCA spam. Just point your domain DNS at your DDoS protection IP.

  • Protect your real server IP
  • Minecraft/CS:GO/Game Server DDoS protection
  • Resilience against copyright trolls
  • Resilience against DMCA spammers
  • Resilience from improperly filed and invalid takedown notices

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