In recent years, "anonymous" has almost become synonymous with "illegal". News articles portray those trying to hide their identity as shadowy figures behind a triple monitor setup with a Guy Fawkes masks and a Kali Linux desktop.

We don't think this is a fair characterization. Privacy is a fundamental right, not something reserved for people who spread misinformation, malware, or illegal content. Over the years here at BitLaunch, we have had people reach out to us for help hosting a wide range of entirely legal services. Today we're going to highlight just a few of the legitimate reasons you might want to use an anonymous VPS.

1 - To separate yourself from your business

Running a business often involves significant risk. A smart businessman tries to a) reduce that risk as much as possible and b) ensure that if things do fall apart, they won't be personally liable. This is why limited companies exist.

However, another key aspect business founders need to protect is their personal reputation. As a business scales, it becomes impossible to keep your eye on everything, all the time. If something unexpected occurs that damages your business's reputation, it's important that the damage is limited to that brand and doesn't spill over to you or your other ventures.

Sometimes, you may even have a business that you don't want others to know about, because it is sensitive, or you want to make it profitable first.

An anonymous VPS ensures that your hosting cannot be used to identify you. The provider takes pains to collect as little information as possible, disabling trackers, requiring only an email address for sign-up, and accepting payments exclusively in cryptocurrency. This means that even if the host or your hosting account were to be compromised, your identity would remain secret.

2 - For political or social activism

Supporting a political or social movement can be nerve-inducing. Your opinions may differ from that of your friends, family, or workplace. At the same time, it's important to have those that challenge the status quo in society.

An anonymous VPS like BitLaunch allows those people to have a voice. While they should of course take additional steps to maintain privacy, an anonymous VPS is a perfect staging point. Users can easily and quickly spin up a blog or website on a political issue and know that they have not had to share personal information at any point.

3 - For payment freedom

It may surprise you to hear that there are 2 billion unbanked people in the world. According to BitLaunch's research, many of these people live in areas where access to the internet is growing rapidly. Millions of people are tapped into the global community yet have no ability to pay for modern services that would allow them to create innovative businesses, develop applications, or put their thoughts into the world.

Top infographic : year on-year percentage increase in internet users per region. Bottom image: Percentage of adults without a bank account.

An anonymous VPS allows them to forgo traditional banking services, which they are locked out of due to a lack of proper identification and documentation or credit records. Instead, they can use cryptocurrency.

We believe that giving unbanked the same tools to participate on the internet as everyone else opens a whole new front for innovation and expression.

4 - Leveraging existing crypto assets

If you already hold a significant amount of Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, using it to pay for goods and services only makes sense. For one, it was exactly what they were conceptualized for. On a more practical level, converting crypto assets to fiat cash always results in some sort of loss. There is almost always somebody making profit from your exchange, and then the potential of capital gains taxes instead.

Paying directly with cryptocurrency supports the movement for decentralized financial services while providing a more convenient experience for those already invested.

5 - For no reason at all

You don't need a reason to use an anonymous VPS. Privacy is a fundamental right that must be protected and that you don't need any particular motivation to maintain.

Whether we realize it or not, privacy helps us to express our true selves. You act most authentically when nobody is watching you, and the same applies to the internet. Subconsciously, knowing everything you do is tracked and recorded will limit your ability to just be yourself.

We believe that privacy can benefit every person in the world, whether they're hosting a game server, their own private search engine, or a WordPress blog. Just knowing that you're anonymous grants you a freedom of expression that can't otherwise be obtained.

Want to try an anonymous VPS for yourself? Sign up for a BitLaunch account today and talk to our support team for a free trial.