Buy Gaming VPS with Bitcoin. Hourly billing.

Mac? Chromebook? No problem. Host your games in the cloud by choosing from a selection of powerful BitLaunch servers.

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Super fast servers

BitLaunch's fast SSD KVMs, combined with up to 32GB RAM, will make sure your players don't have to worry about crashes or desyncs.

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Low latency, fast downloads

All of our servers come with gigabit speeds to help your download and hosting experience stay smooth. Meanwhile, datacenters located all across the world ensure your players will never be too far from the action.

Free DDoS Protection

Worried about competitors or angry players taking you down? All BitLaunch servers are equipped with advanced DDoS protection. Stop attacks in their tracks with high capacity DDoS mititgation.

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Linux and Windows

Windows is the king of compatibility, but Linux wins the efficiency battle. With BitLaunch, you don't have to choose. Spin up a Windows VM or pick freely between Linux distros to suit your preferences.

Why Buy VPS Hosting with Bitcoin?
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