Our Carbon Negative Pledge

BitLaunch's carbon footprint in detail, and what we're doing to become a carbon negative business. With help from Ecologi.

What it takes to launch servers instantly.

BitLaunch requires several factors to be in play for us to provide on-demand services at scale. Here's a small breakdown.

  • Our employees work remotely and occasionally must travel by airplane.
  • Our servers are housed in datacenters with a constant demand of power for 24 hours a day.
  • Development and Communication for business operations all demand a constant use of electricty.

Investigating our Carbon Footprint.

Each server, of the many servers in our fleet, is estimated to have a carbon footprint over a 4-year lifepan of 7730 kgCO2e.
Calculated on a monthly basis, that puts the carbon generation for our servers at around 0.16t per month of operation.
That equates to 1.92t per year! (the equivalent of driving 18,939 miles in a passenger car).

How we will offset our carbon generation. 🌲

To achieve net negative, we're pledging to do the following:

  • Purchase refurbished hardware when possible without sacrificing service quality.
  • Actively fund the planting of new trees and forests, as well as help fund CO2 reduction projects that get gold standard certification through the purchase of Carbon Offsets, to make sure that they have the biggest positive impact possible.
  • Every employee will have their future carbon generation offset through Ecologi's climate positive subscriptions. This covers work, business travel and outside of work activites.
  • Retroactively pay down our carbon debt by doubling our carbon footprint calculations, in an effort to become historically as well as presently net negative.

Total Trees Planted


Total C02e offset (t)


One of our many trees
One of our many trees
One of our many trees
One of our many trees