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While many of us assume an unrelated username is enough to protect our anonymous blog or website, that's rarely the case. Hosting a website via traditional means leaves a paper trail that makes it trivial for a determined party to find out your true identity. As well as the database of domain owners, whois, traditional web hosts keep information about their clients to confirm payments are coming from the right credit card.

While the result of this for many is minor embarrassment, the consequences for those covering politically sensitive topics can be much more severe. However, those are not the only reasons to be cautious online. There are regular citizens with radical opposing viewpoints, employers who look into your online history, and the potential for rabid fans or stalkers.

How does an anonymous VPS help?

The best way to protect your identity and retain your privacy, in many cases, is an anonymous VPS. Typically, web hosting providers require information about you, at a minimum your full name, address, email, and payment details, but in some cases even an ID.

Further, they don't let you have full control over the server your anonymous website is hosted on. You can't personally ensure its security or check who has accessed it. Your trust must be placed in the provider, who will likely respond to any law enforcement requests.

As a result, the only real way to ensure anonymous blogging is anonymous VPS hosting. With a VPS server, you can see and manage the entirety of your server and personally harden your VPS security. You can even wipe your server entirely if you need to.

On top of this, anonymous VPS providers like BitLaunch include tools to further enhance your privacy and security. As a supporter of free speech, we only require an email for sign-up and allow customers to pay with their favorite cryptocurrency so that it can't be traced back to them.

BitLaunch also bundles one-click privacy apps with its services that can protect your identity not just on your personal site, but across the web. One-click VPN setups for WireGuard and OpenVPN let you route your traffic through a server you have control over, hiding your IP address and encrypting your data in transit.

The advantages of an VPS on a VPN over a traditional VPS provider are numerous. In a world where VPS hosts are routinely caught lying about their logging policies, you can personally ensure nothing is retained. With companies like NordVPN hit by security breaches due to their popularity, you can additionally personally secure your server while flying under the radar.

Combined, these tools still aren't a replacement for poor privacy practices. If you're starting an anonymous website, you should still find a privacy-focused domain registrar, use a pseudonym, and leave personal details out of your posts. However, they will ensure that those who are serious about keeping their identity private won't be let down by the technical services they make use of.

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