We're happy to announce that all of BitLaunch's VPS servers now feature free DDoS protection. This automatic DDoS mitigation service will apply to old and new servers, across all locations.

To combat the growing power of such attacks across the web, we have additionally upgraded our DDoS protection when compared to our previous paid offering. It's important to us that our users' voices and services cannot be silenced, and we're confident that these improvements will result in full mitigation of most attacks.

Why a DDoS protected VPS?

DDoS protection is an important part of ensuring your server's latency and downtime remain low. Whether you're running a personal site, commercial service, or video game server, you're at risk of a DDoS attack.

Game DDoS protection is an area of particular importance. Users have a easy visibility of your server's IP address and often require it just to discover your service. As a result, Rust, DayZ, Minecraft and ARK DDoS attacks are common and very disruptive.

How do I enable BitLaunch Protection?

You don't need to anything to enable BitLaunch Protection on your server. We have already rolled out the service to existing users, and every new server will also be protected automatically. These anti-DDoS measures will be active 24/7, 365 days a year to intelligently prevent outages.

All you need to do to take advantage of this offering is sign up for BitLaunch and launch your server.